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 On her first vacation in years, a haughty Parisian intellectual hooks up with a hunky, penniless Italian painter, and from an improbable love affair that leaves them stranded on a tropical island, Laurent D'Allegro is the offspring. His premature birth cuts off his mother from a sophisticated routine in France and condemns his father to labour as a wall painter to sustain their fragile family bonds.

At 33, himself a celebrated visual artist on the verge of an scandal, Laurent reunites with his father who has mysteriously abandoned home. Their first contact in two decades sets Laurent on a series of redemptive conversations that will forever change the ways he regards the events and people in his life. In an effort to disclose and honor the past, he watches his family configuration shift continuously, making him less sure of his own identity. Travelling back and forth in time, we accompany Laurent during twenty years of an unbridled love live -- a maneater like his mother and grandmother, yet an unassuming serial seducer, Laurent is trying to find true love. But for that, he'll have to learn how to let go of hurtful recollections.

Spread across different continents, alternating fictional locations like Vice City and Samsara Heights to the eternal Paris, from the coasts of Sweden, Algeria and Morocco, on to several lush islands around the world, the story follows four generations of Laurent's extraordinary family where noblemen and peasants, artists and archeologists mingle but not quite harmoniously coexist.

 In his struggle to reconstruct his origins out of a maze of lies, and be at peace with his puzzling past and burning sexuality, despite his own suffering and a traumatizing secret, Laurent shall have only himself to rely on, and a budding, redeeming spirituality.

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Vice City, 2008

Laurent and Carlo

Carlo D'Allegro has abandoned home when Laurent was just 13 years old. This is their first reunion 20 years later to try to reconnect. Laurent is seeking atonement and wants to understand why his father has left, but what he is going to learn shall change his perspective on his own life. As a complicated love triangle unfolds in a remote island in the Indian Ocean, the plot takes us back and forth in time, from 1969 until 2008, and we visit different countries. Book One holds a shocking, painful revelation that falls on the lives of the characters like a bomb -- and though no dies, no one survives, either.




Chapter Five - bye, bye love


Chapter Five, continued

Chapter Eight - this is a man's world


Chapter Eight, continued


Chapter Nine - detour ahead


Chapter Nine, continued

Chapter Nine, conclusion


Iceland, 2012

Laurent and Fabrizio

During a blackout in 2010, Laurent meets Fabrizio Caprice in the bathroom of a chaotic airport -- and we follow their complicated relationship for two years until their holidays in Iceland, where they celebrate their first anniversary. Both men have challenging pasts, and after the clash of a disastrous first date, they will have to face their own ghosts if desiring to live a relationship they regard as true love. Bullying, unrequited love, social compromises, a dramatic coming out -- but life reserves plenty more challenging events for them.  


all  is  full  of  love  - Part 1


all is full of love - Part 2


all is full of love - Part 3


all is full of love - Part 4


all is full of love - Part 5