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 'the last canvas' is planned as a series of conversations between the main character Laurent D'Allegro and the other characters in the novel; their biographies can be read here.

This is a brief and intimate chronology, and I've tried to avoid spoilers -- if you haven't read the novel from the FIRST CHAPTER, this is a rather simple overview.


 Carlo (19 y.o.) arrives in Paris to study at the École des Beaux-Arts; 
 Carlo & Armand de Montbelle (22 y.o.) meet


 Armand's family crisis and his first trip to India


Armand's trip around the globe; 
Carlo sets his atelier in an old factory in Paris 


Carlo travels to the Indian Ocean;
Carlo & Armand at the Île du Blanchomme; 
Carlo & Catherine Mortinné (both 24 y.o.) meet


 Laurent  D´Allegro is born in Punaouilo, on the Pacifi Ocean


Catherine's first novel "Thy Dreaded Deeds" is published in France;
Laurent learns from Carlo how to swim



Carlo meets the rockstar Dave Drew in Punaouilo; 
the "All things transient" album is released with Carlo's painting on the cover;
Catherine returns to France


Carlo & Laurent move to France



Laurent has to deal with being constantly bullied at school;
Carlo & Laurent visit the D'Allegro farm in the Apennines;
Laurent falls in love for the first time;
Laurent joins the swim team


Carlo and Catherine are constantly quarreling;
Carlo leaves home


a tragic event leads Laurent to quit the swim team


 Laurent & Angelo (both 15 y.o.) meet


Laurent & Angelo move to Vice City

1998 - Laurent & Angelo part


Laurent & Carlo meet in Vice City

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